Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Episode 9: All the KALS! 

In Rehearsals

Liesl in Louet Sport Euroflax

Signature Needle Arts Convertible Needles

Stockinette Zombies Podcast

Auditioning this Week 

Loopdigan Combination Shrug, cardigan and cowl

Afterthought A La Carte Sock Pattern

Vivid Blanket Pattern

Square 2 Blanket Square Pattern

Barn Raising Quilt Blanket Squares

Knitting In Circles Video Podcast

Knitting Flubs and Flops

Froot Loop Socks

 In the Wings
(Stash Enhancement)

Knitting News, Notes and Events

Must Stash Podcast

Knit Girllls Podcast

My Stash Dash List:
The Dude
Froot Loop

The Spring Forward Kal runs through June 15th! Get on it!
31 Bags

WWKIP Day Sponsored by the Charlotte Knitting Guild

Friends and Fiberworks Summer Retreat 

Franklin Habit

Knitting Talk Back: Budget Knitting 
Do you have a knitting budget? 
How do you stay on it? 
Are you on a yarn diet? Why? 

Do you sneak yarn into your house?? Do Share!  

Do you make rules about input vs output when it comes to yarn? 

Do you buy lower quality/priced yarn just so that you can keep on knitting? 

 What a Crock!

Love it or Leave it

Love it: I started running! (Who is this person and what did she do with Michelle?)

10 k Runner App 

Leave it: Negativity

Other News and Notes

Gardening up a Storm!

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