Thursday, July 17, 2014

Episode 12: An EPIC Show-Ready Knit! 

Program Notes:
Big thanks to Jill953, Sandyknits88 and Eannrn for their iTunes reviews! It means a lot!

Knitting Segments

Show-Ready Knits: 

Toujours by Joji Locatelli   IT'S FINALLY FINISHED!!
The link above is to the project page, I hope to get some pics taken this weekend of my sweater. 

Knits in Rehearsal: 

Zigzagular Socks by Susie White
Susie is one of the hosts of The Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast. Check it out! 

Color Affection by Veera Valimaki
If you don't know this pattern, where have you been???

I'm using Knitting Notions Classic Merino Bamboo in the colors Atlantic, Saffron and Ironstone. 

Of course, this picture doesn't really capture the true colors of the yarn. 

Auditioning Knits: 

Declan's Hat by Samantha Kirby

Astronomer by Veronia O'Neill

Excelsior by Allyson Dykhulzen

Knitting News and Notes: 

Participated in a Virtual Knit Night (VKN) with some of my favorite podcasters: 

(Don't worry, Susie was invited but she couldn't make it!)

Boston Jen from the Down Cellar Studio Podcast

Sarah and Kristi from In a sKnit Video Podcast

So much fun! Google Hangouts are super easy to do, give it a try and have a VKN of your own! 



We are chugging right along on the PalKal (#palkal2014). Official dates are July 1-October 1

Enter as many times as you like: each project is one entry 

Either the pattern designer or yarn dyer must be a podcaster

Have fun! Details are in the Actually Knitting Podcast Group on Ravelry

Thanks to Estella, OneMoreRowPlease on Ravelry, for her generous donation of 2 patterns as prizes for the PalKal.

The Reviews are In: 


What a Crock!

Love it or Leave it

Love it: Nutribullet

I'm having smoothies everyday! 

Leave it: Injuries
I'm getting old! I pulled a muscle making my bed! What????

Theatrical/Other News and Notes:

I'm doing a show! 

Queen City Theatre Company

**For Mature Audiences**

Running is back on pause again due to pulled muscle in my back. Blerg! 
If I can run my 5k (no walking, no stopping) in August, I will allow myself to get on the waiting list for some Dyakcraft Needles

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