Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Episode 18: Drinking Game!

Program mentions go out to The Carolina Fiber Girls for mentioning me on their podcast! Thanks ladies.

Also thanks to knittersusan for the kind words on the iTunes review.

Catching Up:
If you are in the area, visit Childress Vineyards and Native Vines to try some North Carolina Wines. 

Knitting Segments

In Rehearsals: 

Atelier by Heidi Kirrmaier 

                       Madeline Tosh Pashmina in the Hosta Blue Colorway 

                       Icord Bind-off Tutorial From Craftsy

I mentioned the Curious Handmade Podcast hosted by Helen Stewart, check it out if you haven't already.

Mystik Spiral Socks by Josh Ryks

TGV High Speed Knitting by Susan Ashcroft 
                       Crazy Zauberball

Auditioning Knits: 

Knitting News, Notes and Events  

Carolina Fiber Frolic, November 7-9

SAFF, October 24-26

A Giveaway from Berry Colorful Yarnings. Make sure you listen to hear the rules for the contest and enter ASAP! 

Also listen for the special coupon code that Michelle from Berry Colorful Yarnings is generously offering for podcast listeners. She will have an update on October 23! 

Maria from Elegant Economy Knits has a very special pattern that will be released October 27th called The Graceful Pullover. I will make sure to link the pattern once it is available. 

#BecauseofKnitting has been really great! Keep it up on Ravelry and on Instagram. 

Knitting Talk Back: 

Health Benefits of Knitting

Non-Knitting Segments

What a Crock: 

Easy Crockpot Black Bean Soup

Love it: 

Homeland (I know, I'm late!) 

I got a massage last week! Yay!!

Leave it: 

Bad health news from a friend. 

Other news and Notes: 

The running continues! 

Thanks for listening! 

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