Thursday, February 13, 2014

Actually Knitting Episode 2: In Which the Actress Takes A Break

Check out this episode!

Notes and Links and Picture-y Goodness

Here's the promised pictured of the oldest and cutest living dog: 
Oh, and yes, I photobombed him. He didn't mind too much. 

Knitting Segments

Show Ready

Foilage hat, by Irina Dmitrieva
Made with my knitting rose yarns swiss bloom, in the driftwood color way.

Coffee Cozies: Here is the promised picture of all of them together

In Rehearsals 

Boxy, By Joji Locatelli
I should have mentioned that I now have about 10 inches of the stockinette finished, so only about 6 more inches to go. Here's a picture of me working on it backstage during my most recent show. It's great backstage knitting. Awesome wig, huh? 

Ho(o)t Coffee, another coffee cozy, for a very lovely person. I don't have a picture of my actual project yet, so I've linked you to the pattern page. My project had to be frogged too many times to get a good picture. 

I also talked about some new skills I've learned (relearned) this year: 

The above is the picture tutorial I used to learn this method. I tried using a video, but found it too annoying to keep pausing and starting the video again. 

Very flexible and handy cast on method. I've started using it a lot more lately. 

A wonderful way to avoid that thing where your knitting gets really tight when you do color work. No carrying the yarn behind the work. 

Auditioning This Week

Ursula Cardigan

Cute Colorwork! 
This is by the same designer of the very popular Owls Sweater

So beautiful, should I order the kit??


She's Crafty

Loving this Big Lebowski Pattern from Etsty Shop WeeLittleStitches

What a Crock! 

Love it or Leave it

Love it: Learning to let go of old bad feelings about others

Leave it: Feeling helpless due to inability to help a good friend. 

Theatrical Updates

I closed the show I was working on, The Miss Firecracker Contest. Good times, but happy to have some free time. 

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