Thursday, March 27, 2014

Episode 5: Oh, the Lessons!

Knitting segments
Show ready
In rehearsals
Auditioning this week
Flubs and Flops
Knitting News

Non knitting segments
What a crock
Love it or Leave it

Other news and events

Thank you to BrittMCd123 for iTunes review! Whoop! 
Thanks to everyone who has joined the Ravelry Group! 

Knitting Segments

Show Ready
Owl Coffee Cup Cozy by Sabrina Thompson (knitphomaniac)

In Rehearsals: 

Auditioning This Week

I mentioned the App I've been using to organize my ideas for Stitches: KnitMinder

Flubs and Flops

Let's not dwell on the links….Plus, there aren't any pictures. Who wants evidence??

But, I will link to the tutorials I used in these now defunct projects: 

These aren't flubs, but the two yarn shops I mentioned that I like in Asheville, NC

Knitting News
I discussed skill levels based on this information on the Craft Yarn Council Website

What do you think of their levels? Are you interested in acquiring all the skills necessary to "graduate" to the next level? Go to the Ravelry group to discuss!


What a Crock!

Love it or Leave it
Loved the lovely introduction I got at an event this week, I needed a pick-me-up and my friend delivered. 

Leave it
General feeling of frustration I've been feeling this past couple of weeks. 

Other News
I sang at an event tonight (Wednesday March 26th, 2014) at Theatre Charlotte 

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