Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Episode 4: Show Notes

Knitting Segments:
Show Ready
In Rehearsals
Auditioning this week
Knitting News
My Favorite Knitting Things

Non Knitting 
What a crock
Love it or leave it
Theatrical News
Special thanks to the people who have reviewed me on iTunes!!
It really means so much! 

Come on!! You know you want to leave a review! 

Shout out to Sarah and Kristi, cohorts of the In a sKnit (wish I’d thought of that) video podcast, for mentioning me/the podcast in their “sKnit I love” segment on their show!
This is a great video podcast, definitely check it out.

Show Ready:
Decided to frog the little I’d done on noble cowl
I do not like to (can’t?) follow written instructions. 

This yarn is a dream to knit with. So soft.

Finished all three repeats of the leaf pattern and I ran out of yarn with 5.5 rows of seed stitch to go. I thought I could finish with one skein but no such luck.

Blocked very aggressively, flat. Am considering blocking with two bottles, heard about on the In a sKnit podcast. 

Please look at the pictures on my project page to see how I blocked the cowl with the bottles to get rid of the creases. 

In Rehearsals

The Never-Ending Boxy Sweater

Free pattern by Andrea Rangel

Swatching: I decided to do the right thing and wash my swatch. Normally I don’t even bind off and I definitely don’t block it. But, after some advice from Knit FM I decided if I want to be a real knitter I needed to block it. Also, this is going to be a time consuming gift and if it doesn’t fit it will suck!

Learned something about myself. The reason I don’t wash and block swatches is b/c I am always swatching when I’m ready to start knitting. The trick then, for me needs to be to swatch while I still have other projects going so that I am never without a project.

Also in Rehearsal: 

This is for the Spring Forward KAL I’m hosting! Come join the Ravelry Group for more Info!

Check out The Yarniacs Podcast if you haven't already. 

Auditioning this week:

Knitting News;
Stitches South!!!!  I'm going!!! Multiple Exclamation Points Required!!!

Possible Meet Up? If you are going, let me know!  

Also: New Knitting Group
My kind of people hold yarn up to their faces to see how soft it is.

My Favorite Knitting Things:

I have: 
Interchangeable Case with Labels

Swift bag

Straight needle case

XL Project bag on the way

Non knitting

What a Crock:

Love it or leave it:

Love it: New Knitting group (can’tsay it enough)
Leave it: Knowing that no matter what I will never be able to make my hair look as good as the stylist does

Theatre news:
Had a get together with a cast of Miss Firecracker: THIS NEVER HAPPENS

Read a script (trying to decide whether to audition) called “The Smell of the Kill." It's a little bizarre. Would only run for one weekend so it’s a nice compromise show. But. You still rehearse the same amount of time, more or less.

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