Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Episode 53: En Español

Episode 53 is brought to you by Never Not Knitting and The Sock Ruler!

Knitting Segments

Show-Ready Knits

Stash Dash is a Summer KAL hosted by the Knit Girllls video podcast

Knits in Rehearsal

Pure Joy by Joji Locatelli
I bought the Argentine yarn from Pura Hilados and I've been following the pattern in Spanish, more about that in a later segment.

Ballsack by Jennifer Sugarcane

Rainbow Vanilla Socks in White Birch Fiber Arts

I'm using the OMG Heel pattern by Megan Williams

This episode of Actually Knitting is brought to you by the Never Not Knitting online shop where you will find unusual gifts and notions for knitters such as handcarved knitting needles, specialty buttons, and stitch marker jewelry. Check out the latest offerings at Looking for a new project to knit? Use the coupon code PalKal2016 to receive 50% off of a pdf pattern of your choice!

Knitting News, Notes and Events

PalKal2016 officially begins on June 15th!

The basic idea is to support a podcaster you listen to or watch by knitting one of their patterns and/or using their yarns for your project. You can also use a project bag or stitch marker by a podcaster!
  1. The design, yarn/fiber and/or project bag must be from a knitting/crochet/fiber podcaster. (Not all 3, just one of those to qualify). Spinning also counts, just make sure it’s a finished product.
  2. Use the chatter thread for discussion. Make suggestions. There are TONS of podcasts out there and almost no one knows about all of them, so if you know of a podcaster designer/yarnie/bag maker, feel free to share with us!
  3. You are encouraged to take advantage of the coupon codes offered by our sponsors, but you are not limited to those podcasters for the KAL. Sponsors and coupon codes are listed in the appropriate threads and will be listed on the podcast as well.
  4. Please post finished objects in the non-chatter thread and include a link to the podcaster you are supporting.
  5. Enter as many projects as you like! There is no minimum yardage requirement or limit to the projects you can enter.
  6. If you use more than one podcaster product/design/bag/etc on one project, you may create multiple entries for that project. For example: Knit the Zigzagular Socks by prairiegirlsusie using yarn by Oh! Loops and use a project bag by thefatsquirrel, you can enter that project into the FO thread 3 separate times, just link to each podcaster seperately in each post.
  7. A note about project bags: a project bag may only be entered into the contest one time for an entry. (You can’t just keep using a podcaster project bag over and over and entering the contest that way). The same applies for stitch markers.
  8. Wips count! Just finish them between June 15 and September 15, 2016.
  9. You must be a member of the Actually Knitting Podcast Group to win.
  10. Have fun supporting a podcaster designer or yarnie! Please support as many different podcasts as you can!
  11. Please do not chatter in the non-chatter thread. It makes it more difficult to draw a winner!
  12. Use the tag PALKAL2016 here on Ravelry and #palkal2016 on Instagram.
  13. Feel free to double, triple, quadruple dip!

Some of the KALs going on this summer:
Around Your Neck KAL with the Suburban Stitcher Podcast
Splash Pad Party with the Down Cellar Studio Podcast
Great Outdoors Kal with Knitting Butterflies 
Batter Up Kal with In a Sknit

We have some great sponsors and wonderful prizes that I can’t wait to share with you all! Let’s make some plans for summer knitting!
Today I will highlight our Cameo Sponsors who are donating prizes for the KAL. For more information, check out the threads on Ravelry in the Actually Knitting Podcast Group. 

The Relentless Knitting Podcast

I am also highlighting the prizes being offered by these Top Billing Sponsors. These sponsors have donated prizes as well as coupon codes. More information about all of this can be found in the threads on the Ravelry group, but today we will focus on the prizes. 

Ancient Threads Farm Etsy Shop and Website/Podcast 
      A skein of yarn, winner's choice. 

Ann of the Carolina Fiber Girls 

Brenda Castiel Designs
       3 Patterns of winners' choice

Daniela Richardson from Caffeinated Knitting
       5 Patterns from her Ravelry Store. 

Janis Ficker/ of the Carolina Fiber Girls
        Copy of her 10 Day Sweater Pattern 

C.C. Almon from the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast
        Copy of her ebook, Coffee with C.C. 

Jennifer Lassonde of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast
        Copy of one of her patterns from her Ravelry Store

Knitting Daddy Greg of the Unraveling Podcast
         2 copies of his Scrappy Sock Yarn Preemie Hat

Mary of the Kino Knits Podcast
         Copy of her Adrenaline Junkie Sock Pattern 

Kristine Beeson of the Yarnings Podcast
         Winner's Choice of pattern from her Ravelry Store

         5 patterns from her Ravelry store and one winner will receive a shawl quantity of yarn from Quince 
         and Co. 

         3 patterns from her Ravelry Shop

         Copy of one of her patterns from her Ravelry Shop

Ashley of Twist Fiber Studio and the Twisted Stitcher Podcast
          Project bag of winner's choice from her Etsy Shop

Zombody Knits 
           A project bag from her Etsy Shop

Please check out the threads on Ravelry for photos and more information and remember that all of the Top Billing Sponsors have provided coupon codes as well, which you can also find in the Ravelry group.

Knitting Talkback: Tejer en Español

I answered a question from the Ask me Anything thread on Ravelry about knitting/crochet in Spanish. Here's the link to the knitting abbreviations I referred to in the talkback.

I talk a little about my experience knitting the Pure Joy Shawl (link above) using the Spanish version of the pattern.

Episode 53 is brought to you by The Sock Ruler. The Sock Ruler is an innovative measuring tool for sock knitters. Whether the sock is knit toe up or cuff down the ruler works equally well.  It is constructed of a heavy duty, yet flexible plastic and measures from the inside of the sock, allowing the sock to lie flat and ensure accurate measurements."

Visit our website,, for more information and don’t forget to use coupon code “palkal2016” for 25% off of a regular sock ruler from now until September 15th. Limit 1 regular Sock Ruler per customer, US customers only.

Stage Craft

I have finished my favorite sewing project to date, the jumpsuit pattern Butterick 6330.  It looks great!

I mentioned that I got my fabric from GirlCharlee Fabrics, about which I have mixed reviews.

One Pot Wonder

Balsamic Chicken and Brussel's Sprouts 

Love it or Leave it

Love: It's Porch Season

Leave: Raining on my cookout night! (Update, it didn't rain! We had a great time at the cookout!)

Other News and Notes

Running Updates

I ran a 10k at Shelton Vineyards in Dobson, NC. It was a fun time! 

Official Marathon Training Starts June 4th, 2016

Reading Updates
I gave this book 3 stars, it just wasn't my thing

I also finished reading Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn

I also started listening to Dumplin' by Julie Murphy and I am really enjoying it.

I started reading Tricky Twenty-two by Janet Evanovich


School is almost finished for the year! Soon I'll be #knittinlikeitsmyjob

My mom and I are going to see Dolly Parton in concert! This is a dream come true!

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