Thursday, May 12, 2016

Episode 52: The Twerking Will be at a Minimum

Knitting Segments

**Please note, due to travel, the show notes will be posted early and the episode will be published on it's regularly scheduled date, May 15, 2016.

Knits in Rehearsal

Stash Dash Plans

Stash Dash is a Summer KAL hosted by the Knit Girllls video podcast

Pure Joy by Joji Locatelli
I bought the Argentine yarn from Pura Hilados and I can't wait to get this!

Worsted Boxy

Hermione's Everyday socks (linked above)

Rainbow Vanilla Socks

Astonish Top

Endpaper Mitts 

Effortless Cardigan

Ice Shanty by Amy Miller 

Knitting News, Notes and Events

World Wide Knit in Public Day is June 18th, 2016

Hamilton Contest
I forgot to draw a winner on Episode 51, so listen up to see if you are the lucky winner!
Thanks to Thuy from the Twisted Stitches Podcast for donating this prize! 

Broadway Kal
This Kal ended on April 30th and prizes were drawn. If you haven't listened to Episode 51 please check it out to see if you were a winner!

PalKal 2016
This is the biggest and best event of the year for Actually Knitting listeners!

What is the PalKal?

The PalKal will run June 15- September 15 2016

  1. The basic idea is to support a podcaster you listen to or watch by knitting one of their patterns and/or using their yarns for your project. You can also use a project bag by a podcaster!
  2. The design, yarn/fiber and/or project bag must be from a knitting/crochet/fiber podcaster. (Not all 3, just one of those to qualify). Spinning also counts, just make sure it’s a finished product.
  3. Use the chatter thread for discussion. Make suggestions. There are TONS of podcasts out there and almost no one knows about all of them, so if you know of a podcaster designer/yarnie/bag maker, feel free to share with us!
  4. You are encouraged to take advantage of the coupon codes offered by our sponsors, but you are not limited to those podcasters for the KAL. Sponsors and coupon codes can be found on the show notes and in the specially labeled threads in the Actually Knitting group on Ravelry. 
  5. Enter as many projects as you like. Each project gets a separate post in the non-chatter thread.
  6. A note about project bags: a project bag may only be entered into the contest one time for an entry. (You can’t just keep using a podcaster project bag over and over and entering the contest that way).
  7. You must be a member of the Actually Knitting Podcast Group to win.
  8. Have fun supporting a podcaster designer or yarnie!
  9. Please do not chatter in the non-chatter thread. It makes it more difficult to draw a winner!
  10. Use the tag #palkal2016 on Instagram and Ravelry. 
  11. Wips count! Just finish them between June 15 and September 15, doesn’t matter when they were started.

    Featured Performer Sponsors are coming in everyday and so far there are coupon codes available from the following sponsors: 

    Alana Dakos from Never Not Knitting

    Brenda Castiel 

    Daniela from Caffeinated Knitting

    Knitting Daddy Greg from Unraveling with Greg and Joey

    Mary from Kino Knits

    Sarah Shoo from Cultivate and Create

    Susie from The Prairie Girls Knit and Spin Podcast

    The coupon code for all vendors is PalKal2016 to keep things simpler this year! Thanks so much to all of the sponsors!

Knitting Talkback: Yarn and Knit Wear Storage
This episode I answered a question from the What Would You Like to Hear about thread in the Ravelry group.

I referenced this blog post about yarn-eating insects and also this information about using cedar to keep the bugs away.

I like to store my shawls and other knitted items in hanging soft shelves like these from Amazon.

Non-Knitting Segments

One Pot Wonders

Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Chicken  (not a true one-pot recipe but really delicious)

Love it or Leave it

Love: Josh is cooking more now that we have a pressure cooker

Leave: My public library often has the first book in a series but none of the others! 

Other News and Notes

Actually Reading

Actually Running
No big updates to report. 

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