Monday, October 3, 2016

Episode 60: Suck it up, Buttercup!

Knitting Segments

Knits in Rehearsal

Currently working on my 2nd (or 3rd) pair of Los Monos Locos Socks by Jennifer O'Sullivan

Vanilla Socks 

On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg for the #bigbadbergalong

Knitting News, Notes and Events

The PalKal2016 is officially over! I am so proud that we had 663 entries this year. Thanks so much to all of the participants. If you entered, make sure you listen to see if you are a lucky winner!
If you are a winner, please email me! 

Producing Sponsors 

Alana Dakos from Never Not Knitting 

Thanks so much to our Cameo Sponsors who offered prizes! 

Ancient Threads Farm Etsy Shop and Website/Podcast 
Ann of the Carolina Fiber Girls 
Brenda Castiel Designs
Daniela Richardson from A Coffee Fueled Life 
Janis Ficker of the Carolina Fiber Girls
C.C. Almon from the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast
Jennifer Lassonde of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast
Knitting Daddy Greg of the Unraveling Podcast
Mary of the Kino Knits Podcast
Kristine Beeson of the Yarnings Podcast
Julia from the Whole Lotta Craft Podcast
Angela from the Revelations of a Delusional Knitter Podcast
Steph from the Happy Buffalo Boutique
Amy from the Stockinette Zombies Podcast
Anne from Wooly Wonka Fiber
Claire from New Hampshire Knits
Jan Hamby of the Twinset Designs Podcast

These folks are our Featured Performers and really made the PalKal happen by offering great discounts! 

Ashley of Twist Fiber Studio and the Twisted Stitcher Podcast
Brenda Castiel Designs
Daniela Richardson from the Coffee Fueled Life Podcast
Knitting Daddy Greg of the Unraveling Podcast
Jennifer Lassonde of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast
Mary of the Kino Knits Podcast
Susie White of the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin Podcast
Paula of the Knitting Pipeline Podcast
Ann of the Carolina Fiber Girls 
Lisa of Zombody Knits 
Kristine Beeson of the Yarnings Podcast
C.C. Almon from the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast
Kristi from the In a Sknit Video Podcast
Janis Ficker/ of the Carolina Fiber Girls
Twinset Jan from the Twinset Designs Podcast
Julia from the Whole Lotta Craft Podcast
Angela from Revelations of a Dellusional Knitter Podcast
Stephanie from Happy Buffalo Boutique
Anne from Wooly Wonka Fiber and podcast 
Twinset Ellen from the Twinset Designs Podcast
Claire of New Hampshire Knits

Our next Knit Along! The Big Bad BergAlong

Join myself and some of my very favorite podcasters in knitting as many Melanie Berg patterns as we can! 
We will joined by:
Knitting Butterflies
The Knitmore Girls

We are working with some fabulous Indie Dyers for this KAL:
Sun Valley Fibers
There will be Free Shipping in the US for kits and special pricing on the kits that they are making up just for this KAL. You can get the same kit as I am getting or as one of the other podcasters. More information is coming, but look for a special link "Big Bad Berg-Along" on their website. Use the code BigBadBergAlong at checkout.

Lollipop Yarns
Joan is dyeing up some special Duet and Trio kits especially for Ashbury or Quicksilver patterns. She will be offering Free Shipping if you use the code BigBadBergAlong at checkout. She will be having a few more updates as she gets the yarn available, so check out her group on Ravelry and her website for specific details.

One Twisted Tree
Danie will be offering a couple of different fall themed kits for the KAL. Check out the website for more information.

Rhinebeck is October 15th and 16th, 2016. Let me know if you plan on attending!

Knitting Talkback: Festival Prep

I talk about my preparations for any fiber festival, and if you have any suggestions for festival prep and especially for Rhinebeck, please share them on the episode thread. 

I mentioned the booties I am ordering which can be found at the Walking Company, I ended up ordering them from Zappos. 

Here are the bags I mentioned:
Kavu Bag (not the exact one I have)

Pumpkin Pouch 

Non-Knitting Segments

Under Pressure

Love it or Leave it

Love: Modcloth

Leave: My hoarse, raspy new school year voice. 

Other News and Notes

Running Updates
I ran my longest distance EVER 2 weeks ago: 22 Miles. My marathon is now just a month away!

I finished reading and/or listening to: 

Crowned and Dangerous by Rhys Bowen

Still Life by Louise Penny 

Currently Reading: 
The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh 

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

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