Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stitches Recap

*******Very Short Show Notes*******
Sorry this is late! I obviously didn't hit the publish button when I thought I did!

Just a few things I talked about on the Stitches South Recap Episode

Pawley Studios 
I forgot to mention that I went back on Sunday and got a fabulous Yarn Bowl!

Lo-Lo Bars by The Bar-maids

Fine Points Inc
The ladies in this booth were so nice and helpful! This is where I bought the Claudia Hand-Painted (see link below under Episode 7 Shownotes)

Teachers from whom I took knitting classes:

Gwen Bortner

Patty Lyons

I forgot to mention two other listeners that I got to meet! Donna from Alabama and Sandra from Tennessee! Thanks for saying hello ladies!

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